In just the first week, nearly 2000 of you completed this important survey! Our sincere thanks for taking time to ensure your experience and perspective is represented in this landmark study of independent practices. Please share the survey link with your colleagues and encourage them to add their voices.
Recognizing the importance and time-sensitivity of this ecosystem-wide assessment of the practitioner landscape, VirtualPractices and OvationLab fielded this critically important survey to gain insight into the following topics: 
  • The economic impact of COVID on practices 
  • Changes to staffing, overhead, and future directions of practices 
  • The proliferation of telehealth tools and their use and acceptance by patients 
  • Practice service and business model characteristics that have either exposed or protected practices from the impact of COVID 
  • Practitioner attitudes and perspectives on the future of their practices
When the survey is completed we will email you a copy of the report. And, you have been entered into the drawings for the prizes contributed by the survey sponsors.

Please email any questions or comments to [email protected]

Below are the Prizes Totaling over $25,000

A4M - Bio-Identical Replacement Therapy Symposium (2 Conference Registration Passes) and Annual World Congress (2 Conference Registration Passes)

September 11-13, 2020 Bio-Identical Replacement Therapy Symposium

  • At one of our most widely attended events, experts analyze the medical evidence surrounding hormone therapies. Sessions will allow participants to gain the information needed to safely and effectively merge hormone therapies into practice. Lectures will specifically focus on allowing participants to integrate and implement hormone protocols into practice upon return to the office Monday morning.

 December 11-13, 2020 Annual World Congress:  

  • The 28th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine is scheduled at the Venetian/Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas. As the largest event in Anti-Aging Medicine, this annual conference is engineered to push the boundaries of modern medicine—while helping to form a connected networking community of like minded thinkers. The conference will specifically focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in integrative medicine, the application of technology in healthcare and the most cutting-edge clinical breakthroughs in longevity.

AIHM - AIHM Annual People, Planet, Purpose Virtual Conference (1 Conference Registration Pass)

October 9-11, 2020

  • This year‘s conference is a call to action for all health care providers to come together to envision a world where healthcare is a human right, prevention is the best intervention and racial disparities are a thing of the past. This year’s conference will highlight the science of healing, transformative models of care, climate justice and for the first time ever, host crucial conversations around systemic racism and equity in healthcare. Join us as we bring together thought leaders to engage in powerful conversation through a highly interactive learning experience, designed to unlock our collective wisdom.

BaleDoneen - The BaleDoneen Method 2-day Online Recorded Preceptorship (1 Course Registration)

The Preceptorship course will teach healthcare providers the necessary measures to prevent heart attacks, ischemic strokes and Type 2 Diabetes. BaleDoneen has defined a new science of medicine called “Arteriology.” Using an evidence-based approach,  this Method identifies silent vascular disease, inflammation and exposes the root causes of the atherosclerotic disease process. Participants will receive practical, cutting-edge clinical science and the tools to implement this CVD Prevention Program. 

Note: This 2-day course has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 16 prescribed credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Academy of General Dentistry. 

BioTE Medical Peptide Training (1 Complimentary Registration to this online training program)

Learn from some of world’s most knowledgeable experts about the most important peptides to implement in your clinical setting. Completion will earn 8 CME’s.


Calroy - Arterosil (3 bottles)

Arterosil® is the only product clinically proven to protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx. Your blood vessels have a protective micro-thin gel lining called the endothelial glycocalyx. The glycocalyx protects and regulates the entire endothelium and is therefore the foundation of vascular health. It prevents cholesterol and other harmful particles from adhering to or penetrating the endothelial wall. By promoting the health of the glycocalyx, Arterosil supports normal endothelial function, promotes a healthy heart, improves blood flow, and helps maintain blood pressure in normal range.

Doctors Data - A Comprehensive Hormone Profile Test (1 test) and a GI360 Profile Test (1 test)

  • The Comprehensive Hormone Profile is the best option for baseline testing of male or female hormonal status. This non-invasive test requires only 2cc per vial of saliva in 4 separate collections. Sex hormones are tested, as well as 4 cortisol levels to evaluate the diurnal cortisol pattern. This test is a consideration in men and women concerned with changing hormone levels as a result of age, cycling women experiencing PMS, Peri- and post-menopausal women concerned with their estradiol and progesterone levels for replacement considerations, and anyone with symptoms involving fatigue, insomnia, stress, immunity problems, blood sugar problems, and obesity. 
  • The revolutionary GI360™ stool profile is a powerful, evidence-based tool to profile the microbiome using PCR analysis. The novel, focused Dysbiosis Index included in the GI360™ was developed and validated in a clinical setting, utilizing research-based methodology to discern dysbiosis vs. normobiosis. This expanded view of clinically significant bacteria offers actionable data to the practitioner, particularly in combination with the complementary methodologies employed by Doctor’s Data in the GI360™ profile.

Terms and Conditions: Tests involved in this offer may not be used on the practitioner, practitioner’s staff or immediate family members. Tests may not be resold to patients with a mark up in price, or billed to insurance/Medicare. In most countries outside the US, a shipping and handling charge of $49 must be prepaid in order to receive your discounted test kit. This promotional discount cannot be combined with any other previous discount. The information you provide to us will be used to ship a test collection kit to you and to provide testing services. This form is encrypted and subject to our Online Privacy Policy. We will never sell your information to a third party. We may contact you in the future should we have questions or need more information regarding shipping or during the testing process. You must have an account with Doctor’s Data for us to ship your test kit. If you do not yet have an account with us, click here to start the application process.

Genova - Metabolomix+ Profile (1 test)

The Metabolomix+ Profile report allows for easy interpretation and clinically actionable results. It includes a Suggested Supplement Schedule that provides personalized recommendations based on test results. The Interpretation-At-A-Glance section of the report provides facts related to nutrient function, causes and complications of their deficiencies, and dietary sources.

Hint - Connecting the Direct Primary Care Ecosystem (2 Conference Registration Passes)

September 24-25, 2020 – Connecting the Direct Primary Care Ecosystem

Hint Summit 2D is a virtual event unlike any other. You’ll get fresh new perspectives on healthcare, discover new strategies and partners, and imagine new possibilities for DPC and your business.

IFM - Therapeutic Food Plans: A Component of Personalized Nutrition (1 Online Course Registration)

This course was developed in collaboration with the American Nutrition Association (ANA) to educate clinicians and other nutrition professionals on the customization and clinical applications of IFM’s suite of therapeutic food plans to meet the individual health needs of patients. This interactive, online learning course offers case-based scenarios with diverse patients profiles to demonstrate real-world application and personalization of each food plan.

Integrated Connections - $100 discount code for a job posting on this nationally recognized job board

A posting on Integrated Connections job board includes: 

  • 90 day posting on the Integrated Connections career platform (partnership with Institute for Functional Medicine); 
  • Included in our monthly Jobs Announcement email sent to 7,000+ subscribers; 
  • Included in Tuesday job posts on social media promotion.

Atrium Innovations/Pure Encapsulations

  • 1 bottle of NAC 600 mg
  • 1 bottle of Vitamin C
  • 1 bottle of O.N.E. Multi
  • 1 bottle of UltraZin (Zinc) SRP & 100

Protect Wellness - Ultra Immune Defense (2 kits)

The Ultra Immune Defense System is the only “all-in-one” nutritional solution providing:

  • A transformative combination of nutrients specifically formulated to address the unique immune challenges facing us in 2020;
  • The highest quality ingredients sourced from the global leader nutritional and botanicals in the world;
  • Optimal doses of those exceptional ingredients supported by clinical research;
  • An innovative, 3-step defense system providing comprehensive immune support across all phases of immune challenges: before, during and after illness.

Standard Process - An Organic Gift Basket and Education Passes (2 Course Registrations Per Conference)

An SP Organic Basket that will include a mixture of Organic foods & Organic Wine, along with a sprinkling of SP product and promo items (i.e. Organic Mixed nuts, Organic Fruit, Organic Wine, Organic cheese, SP Blender Bottle, Vanilla & Chocolate SP Veg-E Complete Pro, SP Phone Charger, SP Soup Mug)

October 23-24, 2020 – Building Resilience: Support for Immune System, Sleep, Stress and Cognition

  • Professor Kerry Bone, Berris Burgoyne, Amanda Williams and Angela Hywood are teaming up to present a range of clinical topics highly relevant to our changing world and emerging health issues, including complex issues affecting the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. The focus of this Masterclass is how we can build resilience in our patients to help them be healthy and ultimately thrive in a changing world. 

November 19, 2020 – Thought Leaders Series: Decoding Inflammation and the Endocannabinoid System

  • The objective of this live webinar is to present evidence-based approaches to addressing pain and inflammation through whole food support. We’ll discuss detoxification, the endocannabinoid system, herbal support for a healthy inflammation response, and a number of additional relevant topics. Attendees will learn strategies for supporting patients with:
    • Whole food nutrition
    • Endocannabinoid system support supplements
    • Supplements that support a healthy inflammation response
    • The power of herbal supplements

Emerson Wellevate - $100 gift coupon

Receive a $100 gift card* to use toward over 325+ quality brands at Emerson Ecologics. Explore a wide selection of vitamin and supplement categories from vitamin A to Zinc, plus household essentials and personal care products. **E-gift card will be sent via email and is redeemable only to account holders.

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