Optimizing the Root Cause Medicine Practice to Thrive in the Payer System

2021 may well be the year for root cause medicine practices to re-engage with the payer system

The 2021 changes to the guidelines for Evaluation and Management (E/M) services have provided an opportunity to rethink the potential for high-quality, root cause focused medicine to be provided profitably by payer-participating practices. 

This four-part workshop series offered by OvationLab and VirtualPractices is designed to lead providers efficiently through the key changes in 2021 that are most relevant to root cause focused practices and to chart a practical course to practice optimization for payer-participating providers.

2021 may well be the year for root cause medicine practices to re-engage with the payer system.

Workshop 1

Implementing and Capitalizing on the 2021 E/M Revisions

March 9, 7:00pm EST

In this session, you will learn from one of the nation’s leading experts in billing and coding to understand which of the 2021 changes unlock the greatest potential for root cause focused providers and how to put these changes to work in your practice. We will look beyond traditional office visits to explore opportunities with telehealth and even virtual shared medical appointments (group visits).

Here is workshop 1 replay:

Workshop 2

Running the Numbers: Simulating the Time, Revenue, and Workflow Impact on Root Cause Practices

March 16, 7:00pm EST

This session will begin by coding a thoughtfully crafted care path for a patient with a chronic condition. We will then calculate and present the time demands and economic value of that single patient to optimize the productive capacity of a root cause provider when functioning with an E/M optimized workflow and care team. 

Here is workshop 2 replay:

Workshop 3

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): A Critical New Opportunity for Root Cause Practices

March 23, 7:00pm EST

This session provides a deep dive into the important new function of RPM – how to do it, how to bill for it, and how to leverage your time by appropriately delegating the bulk of the work to others. We will explore the do-it-yourself path as well as the turnkey outsourcing path including interviews with business leaders on both sides of the equation. 

Here is workshop 3 replay:

Workshop 4

Implementing Private Pay Services in a Payer-Participating Practice

March 30, 7:00pm EST

Participating with payers does not prevent you from offering cash-pay memberships or bundled programs. In this session, concierge medicine pioneer, Tom Blue, will challenge veteran healthcare attorney and private medicine thought leader, Jim Eischen, to craft and present a compliant membership or bundled program within a modified payer system that appears to have left so few non-covered services.

Here is workshop 4 replay:


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